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Choosing the Right Breeder

Finding the best breeder for picking your pup is sometimes a difficult thing and we don’t always know what we should be looking for. There’s so much information out there it is no surprise we all can get a bit overwhelmed.

Questions to ask the breeder:

  1. How old is the mother and how many litters has she had?

  2. Was the birth natural or was a Caesarean section required?

  3. Have the puppies had any health problems?

  4. Will the puppies be vaccinated and wormed before coming home with you?

  5. Have the puppies been socialised?

  6. Will there be a contract of sale?

  7. Can I see the pedigree?

  8. Can the puppy be returned if there are any problems?

  9. Have you kept in touch with any of your previous litters?

  10. Have both the parents had full health checks? including a hip/ elbow scores and any other checks relating to breeding problems.

Green Flags:

  • happy to answer all your questions

  • Be happy to show you their Local Authority Licence

  • provide genuine paperwork/certificates

  • good reputation

  • allow you to visit and tour all areas where the pups and parents spend their time

  • the environment should be well-maintained

  • should be very knowledgeable about the breeds they raise

  • has a good working relationship with the veterinarian

  • they want to know about you, your home environment what your aspirations of a dog owner are

Red flags:

  • rush you to pay with cash

  • stop you from seeing the parents

  • hand the puppy over before 8 weeks old

  • say ‘it’s normal for the breed’ about health issues

  • don’t question you about your ability to care for the dog

  • can’t provide any vet records and requires you to use a particular vet

  • they won’t tell you about their history or experience

  • Regularly advertise litters online

  • offering lots of different breeds

Don’t rush into finding a breeder. These things take time and it’ll be worth the research and effort put into it worth while. We want to make sure you get the best quality pup and investing your money in the right people.

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