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New Year, New PAWS Courses: Canine Body Language

Ever wondered what your dog is thinking? Want to know how you can communicate with them on a much deeper level than simply saying ‘Walkies!’? Well, our brand-new training workshop on 8th January could be just for you.

Learn how to communicate with your dog

Whether you just want to engage with your pet in a more effective way or are interested in being an animal therapy handler, communication is key.

It’s not just about being able to talk to your dog either. You need to be able to understand their feelings and moods, and recognise any red flags or warning signs that they might not be happy.

Develop your skills as a dog handler, and owner

During the course, you’ll discover how and why dogs communicate, how to change your behaviour to change theirs, how to understand dog play and much more. This will help to not only improve your skills but also your dogs. By knowing canine body language, you can make better decisions for your dog, build a stronger relationship with them, encourage their communication and look after their emotional wellbeing.

At People and Animal Wellbeing Services, we’re extremely passionate about the positive impact that animals can have on all ages of people - and at various stages of their lives. We’re determined to not only provide the resources and training required to our dogs but also any owners and dog handlers out there. After all, by doing this, we’re ensuring that the fantastic work of therapy animals can continue.

Book now

Like the sound of it? The body language workshop is suitable for anyone who works with dogs or those that just want to become a better owner. It lasts 4 hours and is just £55. It’s also certified through The Dog Training College and is just the start when it comes to our 2022 training and workshops. We’re even giving you the chance to book onto the Level 2 Pet First Aid course, which will run on the 9th January, for a discounted price.

For more information, or to save your place, visit this link. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch by email or by dropping us a message on Instagram.

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