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Summer is here and so is Heatstroke!

The British heat has come round again and we need to be more careful than ever with our working dogs.

While PAWS strongly advise to not travel anywhere with your dogs in this heat, if you must travel then plan to in the cooler hours (very early morning or very late evening). As well as always having access to fresh water and providing regular rest breaks.

Walking your dog in this heat is as if we hoomans decided to walk around bare foot. Ouch! On a sunny day at 25º, the ground can reach over 50º so imagine what it’d be with the weather reaching 40º this week!

Heatstroke is when a dog gets too hot and is unable to lower their temperature. All doggos are at risk but flat faced dogs such as pugs are most at risk due to having a more difficult time cooling themselves down.

The Signs of Heatstroke:

  • panting

  • drooling

  • red gums

  • increased heart rate

  • difficulty breathing

  • weakness and collapse

If you suspect your dog has heatstroke:

  • move your dog into a cool and shaded area

  • use damp towels, room temperature water and fans to help cool your dog down

  • do not cool them down too quickly as this can lead to shock

  • let your dog drink small amounts of water

  • take your dog to the vets


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