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Happy therapy dog being petted

"We prepare people for the future; building relationships, life skills and confidence"

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Who founded PAWS CIC?

Nicola Maxwell founder of people and animal wellbeing
Dog Training Certification

“I have found that when you are deeply troubled, there are things you get from the silent devoted companionship of a dog that you can get from no other source.”

– Doris Day

People and Animal Wellbeing Services (PAWS) is a Community Interest Company (CIC) founded by Nicola Maxwell in 2020. Set up with the aim to enhance the wellbeing of those who experience poor mental health, disability or social disadvantage following adverse life experiences in the UK. 

Nicola (BA Hons DTC-CDT) has several years experience working in Special Educational Needs and Social, Emotional and Mental Health schools providing both educational and social support through the interventions she creates with her canine partner Jackson. Nicola recognises herself as a neurodivergent advocate and her journey to developing and delivering animal assisted interventions has been a personal one as well as career development. 

Most recently Nicola has completed her certified dog training qualification with The Dog Training College and is able to deliver positive dog training to the PAWS community. Understanding dogs behaviour and approaching training from a force free stance allows 

 PAWS are members of Animal Assisted Interventions International (AAII), who are an organisation that research and helps to regulate Animal Assisted Interventions. We pride ourselves in being up to date with the latest understanding in the industry. 

Happy therapy dog

Why work with a therapy dog?

information sheet about working with a therapy animal and a qualified facilitator
information post about the benefits of a paws therapy dog in a school
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