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paws dog in a jacket

Paws Therapy &

Face to face counselling using Animal Assisted Interventions

dog in therapy  session

Paws & enjoy
the outdoors

A wellbeing and emotional literacy programme that boosts confidence, communication skills and physical activity.

Happy dog

PAWS for the

An educational wellbeing programme that focuses on life skills and animal handling.

Paws Therapy


P.A.W.S  provides face to face therapies and counselling services with our BACP registered counsellors using Animal Assisted Interventions to support reflections, regulation and building trusting relationships.

Puppy therapy dog
Paws Outdoors

Paws & enjoy
the outdoors

This programme is aimed at growing general wellbeing and emotional literacy. The mentor/canine team will facilitate Animal Assisted Activities to boost self esteem, build communication skills, provide positive interactions and promote an active lifestyle. The sessions provide a safe space for the client to regulate themselves. It is possible for the programme to have specific or more general wellbeing goals. 

Greyhound therapy dog
Paws Future

PAWS for the

Our education programme focuses on up-skilling the young people we support, providing them with skills such as; resilience, empathy, team work, independence, communication, dog handling, risk management and dog safety.

We offer ASDAN short courses in Animal Handling and Life Skills that take between 10 and 60 hours to complete and can be used as credit towards the AoPE or CoPE ASDAN qualifications. 


Paws Pals
Therapy Dog
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