Patrons of PAWS

As a small Community Interest Company we value the support you can offer us. Whether that be a one time donation, fundraising, buying a resource for one of our interventions or volunteering your time. Your support means we can offer subsidised or additional support to those that need it most.


If you would like to sponsor one of our programmes or plan a fundraising event please email


Sponsoring a Programme

As a not for profit organisation working in a predominantly underfunded sector sponsorship from a business allows us to offer our animal assisted interventions to the most vulnerable in our community. 

Could your business fund a Mental Health Practitioner and therapy dog team for a year in a school? 

Could you sponsor a school dog in your local area? This sponsorship would mean that the staff and the dog are fully supported and trained in how to deliver animal assisted interventions

Could you sponsor our Outreach programme? We are currently seeking a secure outdoor venue where we can deliver training to young people looking to gain valuable employment skills and work with rescue dogs, therapy dogs and other small animals. 


Welcoming all students doing their NCS this summer! PAWS are opening our doors to any students completing their NCS who want to volunteer with us! 


If you and/or your friends have dogs this could be perfect for you! You could be helping us out with a social media takeover on all your social feeds on your relationships with your dogs and the benefits of pets/animals on human mental health. 


Or maybe some fundraising can be the task. Sponsored dog walks. Helping out your community and us by offering dog walking to your neighbours for a small donation. Or perhaps some animal sitting for family/friends who are going on holiday.

Anything to help spread PAWS’ message, advocating for human and animal wellbeing and educating others on canines, mental health and neurodivergence is what we could use your help with.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and find out some more information if you’re interested. 


Volunteer for your NCS!

National Citizen Service NCS

Become a
Co-op member!!


You can support us just by buying your groceries! 

People and Animal Wellbeing Services CIC are one of the Co-op’s local community partners. 

Become a member of the Co-op and not only will you earn rewards yourself but very time you spend £1, 2p will be donated to your chosen cause. (That''ll be use by the way).

Simply log on to the Co-op members area, click "choose a cause" and scroll down until you find

People and Animal Wellbeing Services. 

All the money raised will subsidise a Mental Health Practitioner and  therapy dog team visiting schools. 

The Co-op local community fund