PAWS helped a variety of children in different ways but for some it was the first time they began to talk about their feelings. They felt comfortable and relaxed with the dog around and were able to gradually open up to the therapist through the dog. It took a while and they still have a long way to go but prior to this, they would walk away when anyone broached the subject of emotions!

- Miss Simpson

She really looks forward to Wednesday afternoon and the change in her after the session is incredible. She sometimes asks to go out for a coffee after the session and has even agreed to start a weekly music lesson. 


It’s very small steps but feels like a huge breakthrough for us. Caroline has been wonderful with her and I can see she is developing trust and confidence in someone outside of the home again. 

I think treading very lightly and listening to my daughter's initial concerns and anxiety about Louie has helped. This was always where the school failed her and pushed forward with what they wanted rather than addressing my daughter's needs. 

It’s wonderful to see how she is now enjoying Louie’s visits and all initial anxiety about him has gone.

- Parent  


I cannot praise PAWS enough. You have been so flexible and understanding throughout this process. At the start of our sessions life threw us a bit of a curve ball, but Laurie was so accommodating and understanding. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and support and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to other families.

- Kim Baker


I don’t believe today’s training could be improved…Thank you for a very informative and enjoyable training day Nicola.

- Mr J March, Desborough College


Since working with Nicola and her team at PAWS we have been blown away by the often immediate impact their work has had on our young people.

We initially approached PAWS to trial 4 different ways of support our care experienced young people and the adult who work with them; group therapy in school, training of dogs to become therapy dogs in children’s homes, individual therapy and ‘routes into work’ for post-16. Nicola was able to accommodate all the nuances of need associated with our people and their individual home/school arrangements. One of the best examples of feedback received about the work of PAWS was this;

“X was admitted to hospital for an overdose 4 weeks ago. Today this young person went out on her own for the first time since this. She went to Costa for a coffee and back again and took ‘the dog’ with her. She was able to take ‘the dog’ to Costa and gave her so much more confidence to go out and about. When she returned she was so excited to say how ‘the dog’ came close to her whenever someone else walked past her which made her feel much more relaxed. This was an amazing achievement for this young person.”

 It exemplifies the tangible difference Nicola, her team and their wonderful dogs can and have made to some of our young people.

One of the other fantastic aspects of our partnership working with PAWS is Nicola’s ability to be reactive to emerging situations with young people, whether that is an urgent referral from us or a change in home/school circumstance altering the location and focus of the therapy, PAWS have been entirely accommodating.

- Stacey McCabe, Assistant Head Teacher, Surrey Virtual School.