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Joyful Dogs! Professional dog training: It’s a Joyful thing!

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

After the launch of our new sister company PAWS Therapy Dog Training Ltd, we want to introduce you to Joyful Dogs! As part of the certification programme we have a whole bank of guest speakers providing webinars for our students to benefit from. One of the guest speakers are the trainers at Joyful Dogs - Joy Knowles and Dannyelle Fielder.

Joyful Dogs are a company based in Cheltenham providing puppy training, dog training, rescue dog training and dog behaviour problems in a kind, effective and most importantly force-free way. Like PAWS, they promote positive reinforcement where the well-being of the dog is vital to success in training.

Joy Knowles is CPDT-KA qualified (Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed) as well as being a certified doggy lover! She has been a Dog Trainer since 2014 and shares her home and heart with her husband John and their gorgeous rescue dog, Gerry, a Collie/Lurcher cross.

Dannyelle Fielder was always drawn to wildlife and trying to find any local green spaces she could growing up in Birmingham. Since then she moved to Cheltenham and studied for a degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare (2:2). She has worked in various farms, wildlife parks and animal shelters so is well versed in the animal world and all it’s tricks.

Joy and Dannyelle have provided PAWS Ltd with a range of training videos; recall, lead walking, doggy games and much more. Their insight and training is something we at PAWS value so much as we understand that this dog industry is massive and everyone has their expertise to share. At the end of the day we all have one thing in common which is advocating for the well-being of our animals.

Don’t hesitate to contact Joyful Dogs

Facebook: @joyfuldogstraining

Number: 07717894414

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